Frequently Asked Questions

Any professional can purchase the D.T.S (Law Enforcement, Academy, Driving and Racing School, Motorsport Facilities, Entertainment and Stunt pros…) Our policy does not allow us to sell to private individuals due to liability issues.

It depends on the vehicle, the surface quality, and the types of exercises. The most wear will come from over-spinning the wheels, just like on a tire. On an RWD with the equipment on the rear to simulate oversteer, avoiding over-accelerating will reduce wear considerably. Some agencies, during in-service, will train over 200 drivers on a Ford Crown Victoria and about 250 on a Chevy Impala. On a road track, using a European-style FWD vehicle and driving aggressively, you can reach 400 life miles. Some customers unfortunately can’t reach these numbers because they train on old abrasive asphalts.

Again it depends on the surface quality, but anywhere between $5 to $10.

Yes. We cannot divulge the names of the agencies. One agency told us that their “at fault” accident rate was reduced by 50%. That particular agency did lots of Easydrift training and sent their instructors to the Easydrift Master School. Usually, the numbers we are told are more than 15% – 25%, and that includes some very large agencies.

We cannot be exact because of the surface quality and weight of the vehicle, but somewhere around .2. Like driving on snow with good tires.

On a good surface 10 MPH; on an average surface 15 MPH.

No, Easydrift will tell you exactly on which tire to mount the DTS. The outer diameter of the tire must match the inner diameter of the ring. Please contact us for the correct tire size, brand, and reference.

The DTS ring does not slide off unless there is an installation mistake. Check your rim width, tire size/model, and tire pressure. Also, over spinning the wheels will heat the material, causing the expansion of the rings. If you plan on drifting with an RWD vehicle, you must first increase the PSI in the rear tires.

No, the Easydrift DTS is molded with precision and perfection. The wobble comes from a problem with installation. Make sure the lip of the ring has contact with the sidewall on all the perimeter of the tire.

No, we match the correct tires to your rim size.

4 sizes and testing a fifth for tractor-trailers.

Yes, as long as you drive slowly over the gravel and avoid any potholes, curbs, etc…

No, it is only recommended. The more you know about the Easydrift concept, the better of an instructor you’ll be.

Yes, let's talk about the requirements when you get a chance.

Yes, of course.
Note: In the U.S., we do not work directly with the public. We only sell to professionals such as law enforcement agencies, academies, racing schools, Event organizers, stunt people, and driving schools.