Specialized EVOC Training

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High Performance Vehicle Dynamics, Precision Driving, and Skid Avoidance Courses

Designed specifically for first responders. These courses is committed to helping police officers and other officials learn to operate vehicles safely and effectively – especially in challenging driving conditions.

EVOC Training for First Responders

Used by Hundreds of Law Enforcement Agencies & Academies.

First responders cannot afford to make mistakes on the road – which means they need real-life experience in dangerous conditions.

That’s where we come in.

These EVO training courses simulate the ideal environment for high-speed response, in a safe and controlled environment. This allows first responders to replicate real-life driving conditions in readiness for their everyday job.

Our Specialized Driving Courses
for Law Enforcement

Terry Teaching Policemen

5 Days – Train the Trainer Master Certification Instructor Course

2 Days Training Course Allen Berg Racing School

2 Days – Advanced Code 3 Emergency Response Driving Course

5 Days – Train the Trainer Master Certification Instructor Course

$1500 per Student

  • Sept 16th-20th, 2024

    UHP EVO Range, 4550 W 2700 N, Lehi, UT 84043

  • October 14th-18th, 2024

    Columbia County Sheriff’s Training Center, Appling, GA

  • November 4th-8th, 2024

    Columbia County Sheriff’s Training Center, Appling, GA


* Statistics show that a Easydrift Master Instructor will facilitate the reduction of “at fault accident rate” within his/her agency.

Note: Upon graduation the EASYDRIFT Master Instructor will be certified to teach a EASYDRIFT Basic Certification Course.

We teach you how to “Drive the Line”.

This weeklong program focuses on understanding vehicle dynamics, as an instructor and driver, in emergency response situations. The vehicle is set up to react as if it was moving at high speeds therefore enhancing its reactivity to inputs; steering, braking, and accelerating. Lots of time is spent on the driving range concentrating on the student’s foot/hands/eyes coordination. Oversteer/understeer, contact patch, weight transfer, threshold/trail braking, apexing, CPR, eye targeting, ABS, ESC, and more are discussed and experienced throughout the course. We constantly work on smoothness and accuracy. Our goal is to highly increase the skills of the student as a driver and instructor. Because of the low coefficient of grip of our DTS, we duplicate high speed driver training in a safe and controlled environment. On the last day we require the student to be able to teach back everything he/she learned throughout the week.

2 Days – Advanced Code 3 Emergency Response Driving Course

$1995 per student

  • October 1st-2nd, 2024

    Columbia County Sheriff’s Training Center, Appling, GA.

  • November 14th-15th, 2024

    Columbia County Sheriff’s Training Center, Appling, GA.

In partnership with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office and Allen Berg Racing Schools.

This course is designed for first responders who engage in emergency response while operating a vehicle with lights and sirens. It is a 2-day course that will increase the student’s skills and ability to drive a vehicle at higher speeds under stress, in any environment and weather conditions.

Lots of time is spent on a 1.2-mile track designed by Sheriff Clay Whittle representing real-world road conditions. Students will be bused to other stations to experience skid recovery & avoidance, low coefficient of grip autocross, high speed simulator training, high speed braking and cornering. In addition, classroom time will be spent covering vehicle dynamics, the art of braking and cornering, contact patch, and weight transfer. The specially prepared “for track” vehicles are equipped with onboard cameras and data logging systems to establish a 1 on 1 feedback and correction for each student.
Our goal is also to demonstrate the vehicle’s ability versus the driver’s ability making a driver more aware of his/her limitations.
Prepare for 2 days of nonstop activities.

The facility is in Appling GA, which is 29 miles west of Augusta Regional Airport, 133 miles east of Atlanta International Airport.

Equipment for Skid Recovery & Avoidance

Our Driver Training System wheel-cover significantly advances driver training by altering the coefficient of grip, simulating low-traction scenarios. This helps teach proper recovery techniques, allowing drivers to experience and learn how to regain control.

  • Learn high-speed driving without a fast-track.

  • Prepare for skid work, apexes, cornering, and more.

  • Equipped to handle 10 MPH to 100+ MPH.

  • Keep inexperienced learners safe and confident.


What Other Agencies Are Saying

Louis Callard provided an incredible amount of value to our department. The ability to learn vehicle dynamic control techniques at manageable speeds give us the best opportunity to prepare our officers for the unknown driving situations they inevitably face every day at work.

Joel Tien

- San Diego Police Department

I had the pleasure of attending the 5-day Master Instructor Course. In those 5 days, my ability to control a car in a loss-of-traction scenario grew tremendously. I now not only feel very comfortable recovering from these situations, but also confident in how to teach recruits in the academy. The Easydrift Technology system is an incredible teaching tool and the skills learned from working with it make better and safer drivers.

 Sgt. Drake Lasley

- San Diego Police Department

This course covered vehicle dynamics in a user-friendly way and really showed how using the DTS technology can make the student a better driver. I learned more about proper driving techniques in this class compared to other instructor-level classes I have taken. The DTS technology was also easy to apply and utilize in a teaching environment.

Sergeant Jake Blevins

- EVOC instuctor – San Diego PD

With this training and with the use of the DTS, I am confident that I'll better be able to teach vehicle control, dynamics, and also increase my students abilities to drive safely and smartly.

- Training coordinator, Alabama Traffic Safety Center

This course provided much needed instruction on maintaining control of a vehicle at high speed or under stressful conditions.

Mike Martin

- Training Coordinator, Southwest Virginia CJTA.

I recently attended the Easydrift 5 day Master Instructor Course and it was an excellent experience. As a tactical driving instructor for various elements of the DOD and LE community, I found the training to be exciting and relevant for all students.

Dan Farmer

- Instructor, Trigger Time, NC

I have been an EVO (Emergency Vehicle Operator) Instructor for approximately 6 years, for both in-house training with my department and for Utah P.O.S.T. (Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training). The EasyDrift program was a word of mouth referral and to say the least, this training went above and beyond my expectations. The detailed information provided in this course was very specific to the operator and the capabilities of a motor vehicle, or the lack thereof. The instructor was very knowledgeable and through his expertise and the practical training, I consider myself a much more confident driver and instructor. This training has given me information to build on for the next several years. This has already been implemented in my direct department, and hopefully will be in other departments within our city to mitigate crashes and liability.

Sergeant N.Newell/Patrol Division

- Orem Police Department, UT

I have been in law enforcement for 11 years, and as the lead instructor for my department, I have always thought I was an above-average driver. However, EasyDrift not only taught me to be a more skilled and safe driver in ways I didn't know were possible but also instilled techniques to provide better instruction and how to establish a curriculum for the rest of my department. More importantly, I was given a path and the tools and resources necessary to progress my driving skillset going forward. This product is revolutionary in its simplicity and efficiency of training. I am able to train a variety of vehicle dynamics while maintaining safe speeds and limited spaces while adjusting for various degrees of difficulty. Thanks Louis!

Sergeant Justin Adams

- Emergency Vehicle Operations, Utah Highway Patrol

The class was well organized, and the DTS is a great learning tool. This class definitely made me a better driver and instructor.

Jose Chavez

- Lieutenant, SDPD Western Division

The class was much more than I expected. We learned a lot, the product is amazing and has so many more uses then we even imagined. The instructor was one of the best I have seen in action and made the weeklong class fun and interesting.

Sean Lethbridge

- Training Coordinator, Idaho POST

Very valuable. I have been instructing EVO for 16 years. The DTS rings bring a training option that is critical with the added bonus that the students really enjoy it. Numerous Utah agencies have begun using the DTS rings including POST and Highway. Highly recommend you attend the training so that you can experience it for yourself and bring the option back to your agency.

Deputy Martin Shelburne

- POST Region 2 Training Coordinator, Davis County S.O, UT

I had the opportunity to attend the 5 day Train the Trainer master certification instructor course and I highly recommend this course to any EVO instructors. The knowledge and skills you learn from this course will prove to be beneficial to your department and bettering your EVO program. I know without a doubt that I am a much better driver after finishing that course. I can't recommend it enough!

Sergeant Bullard

- Orem City Police Department, UT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Easydrift has locations throughout the United States, from the West to East Coast. Reach out to learn about the nearest facility to your agency.

Yes, Easydrift matches equipment to different tire sizes. This helps us ensure that every tire is paired with the correct rim size for effective, highly tailored training experiences.

No, Easydrift’s Train the Trainer course is not available for private individuals.

Yes, the Easydrift system is designed to be easy to install, providing a user-friendly experience for drivers seeking a straightforward setup and training process.