Specialized EVOC Driver Training System

Designed for Professional Trainers & Drivers

  • Used by Hundreds of Law Enforcement Agencies and Academies in the U.S.


Easydrift is revolutionizing for academy and in-service training.
Speed is relative to your environment, and we control that.

Easydrift DTS 200x600 Tyre

Easydrift Technology Driver Training System (D.T.S)

The D.T.S. reduces the grip of any desired wheel, enabling specific scenarios within your curriculum. Mounted on the tires, the rings alter the coefficient of grip, allowing drivers to experience either or both understeer and oversteer.

Our system is tailor made for law enforcement training, as it prepares officers to handle high-stress driving situations safely. Perfectly suited for large or small driving facilities.

Why Law Enforcement Needs Advanced Training

Our program goes beyond what standard programs cover, that’s because we can reproduce road course or tracks training in a much reduced and safer environment.

Policeman Pointing the Gun while Driving

How Proper Car Control Training
Benefits Trainers & Officers

Improve Safety

When drivers are equipped to effectively handle skidding scenarios, they can significantly reduce the risk of accidents on the road.

Boosted Confidence

When first responders have the skills and knowledge to handle potentially dangerous skids, they can respond to calls with confidence.

Better Response Times

Skid training improves emergency response times by ensuring drivers possess the skills to navigate challenging road conditions swiftly and securely.

Enhanced Performance

The D.T.S. is designed to help officers improve their overall driving abilities, making them more effective in high-stress emergencies.

Real-Life Training

Easydrift trainees benefit from realistic skid simulations that offer practical (and crucial) driving experience in safe conditions.

Training Compliance

Our skid training system helps officers stick to the latest regulations, exceeding the necessary criteria set by industry standards.


What Agencies Are Saying

This course covered vehicle dynamics in a user-friendly way and really showed how using the DTS technology can make the student a better driver. I learned more about proper driving techniques in this class compared to other instructor-level classes I have taken. The DTS technology was also easy to apply and utilize in a teaching environment.

Sergeant Jake Blevins

- EVOC instuctor – San Diego PD

With this training and with the use of the DTS, I am confident that I'll better be able to teach vehicle control, dynamics, and also increase my students abilities to drive safely and smartly.

- Training coordinator, Alabama Traffic Safety Center

This course provided much needed instruction on maintaining control of a vehicle at high speed or under stressful conditions.

Mike Martin

- Training Coordinator, Southwest Virginia CJTA.

I recently attended the Easydrift 5 day Master Instructor Course and it was an excellent experience. As a tactical driving instructor for various elements of the DOD and LE community, I found the training to be exciting and relevant for all students.

Dan Farmer

- Instructor, Trigger Time, NC

I have been in law enforcement for 11 years, and as the lead instructor for my department, I have always thought I was an above-average driver. However, EasyDrift not only taught me to be a more skilled and safe driver in ways I didn't know were possible but also instilled techniques to provide better instruction and how to establish a curriculum for the rest of my department. More importantly, I was given a path and the tools and resources necessary to progress my driving skillset going forward. This product is revolutionary in its simplicity and efficiency of training. I am able to train a variety of vehicle dynamics while maintaining safe speeds and limited spaces while adjusting for various degrees of difficulty. Thanks Louis!

Sergeant Justin Adams

- Emergency Vehicle Operations, Utah Highway Patrol

The class was well organized, and the DTS is a great learning tool. This class definitely made me a better driver and instructor.

Jose Chavez

- Lieutenant, SDPD Western Division

The class was much more than I expected. We learned a lot, the product is amazing and has so many more uses then we even imagined. The instructor was one of the best I have seen in action and made the weeklong class fun and interesting.

Sean Lethbridge

- Training Coordinator, Idaho POST

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Meet Terry Earwood Demonstrating the Easydrift Driver Training System


Frequently Asked Questions

We call it CPR, or Correct, Pause, Recover.

Hands - Turn in the direction of the skid…..
Foot - Manage the gas pedal.....
Eyes - Continue to look in the direction of desired travel

Pause: Allow time for the tires to regain grip

Recover: Point and steer in the initial direction of travel.

Because proper skid training will enable the driver to learn to recognize a skid just before it occurs, therefore reacting accordingly to prevent the skid in many cases.

Yes, because of training can be done at reduced speeds.

The Easydrift's Driver Training System is used by a wide range of agencies. Some of our most prominent users include law enforcement agencies, as well as professional driving schools and first responder academies. It is well recognized and used in the special effects (FX) movie world as well.

Easydrift products are designed to be user-friendly and easy to install. Additionally, we provide assistance throughout the installation process, ensuring seamless experiences for users.

Agencies and Academies Using Our D.T.S.