Specialized EVOC for Law Enforcement

  • Used by Hundreds of Law Enforcement Agencies and Academies in the U.S.

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One of a Kind Worldwide

Easydrift was founded by master drivers to help others stay safe on the roads – especially first responders. Through our Emergency Vehicle Operations Course, we’ve helped countless organizations train drivers to handle emergencies with precision and expertise.

Not only do we create skid situations for skid avoidance training, but because we don’t change the vehicle’s dynamics (roll and pitch) but just the coefficient of grip, we are able to implement a one-of-a-kind driver training program.

We empower first responders with skills that go beyond traditional training, contributing to better performance, fewer accidents, and increased safety. Our program addresses the areas where traditional training falls short – so professionals can do their jobs safely and confidently.

What We Offer

Terry Demonstrating the How to Use Brakes

Driver Training System Concept

Our patented Driver Training System, the D.T.S. is an innovative and technologically advanced polymer ring designed to simulate real-world driving challenges. It specifically focuses on skid control and recovery techniques to enhance driver skills and safety in dangerous road conditions.

Terry Explaining the Concept of DTS

Customer Care

Our system is simple to install and maintain, and offers our customers an inexpensive solution to a higher standard of training. Because Customer Care is a priority, we assist you all the way from proper installation to advanced curriculums. Turn to us for a smooth, efficient setup before beginning your experience.

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EVOC Training

This course offers an in-depth approach to becoming a certified instructor in advanced EVOC training. It covers all of the necessary skills and knowledge for aspiring educators.

You Can Look Forward To

Build up your curriculum

Easy to Install

Simultaneous Skid Training Sessions

Real-Life Conditions

Perfect for small Training Areas

Budget Friendly

Low speed skid work

No damage to surface

No change to vehicle’s dynamics

No Water needed

High Speed Road Course Training

PIT / TVI Training


Get Started Today

We offer EVOC instructor training throughout the United States and are continuously expanding our location list. To get started or ask questions, reach out to our team today.

What to Expect with Easydrift Technology

Experienced Driving Instructors

We employ seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of advanced driving techniques, and they’re prepared to offer top-notch instruction to participants.

Unchanged Vehicle Dynamics

Our innovative technology offers various training possibilities without altering the fundamental engineering of the vehicles.

Extensive Curriculum

Our proven program ensures participants receive a well-rounded education, preparing them for various challenges encountered on the road.

Simple Installation

TheEasydrift Technology DTS features a simple installation process, facilitating a quick and painless setup for all kinds of users.

Protect & Prepare Your Law Enforcement Drivers

Your first responders deserve the best possible training and preparedness.
Reach out to learn how Easydrift Technology can get your organization there.