Basic Certification Course (See Description Below)

  • December 4th, North Florida CC Law Enforcement Academy, Madison, Florida. (0800-1700 hrs).

Master Certification Course (See Description Below)

  • December 4th-8th, North Florida CC Law Enforcement Academy, Madison, Florida. (0800-1700 hrs).
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Basic Certification Course

This 8 hour course will include 4 hours of classroom covering the basics of teaching/coaching with the EASYDRIFT patented concept. Areas such as exercise design, safety and liability issues, and basic use of the driver training system will be discussed. Additionally we go over vehicle dynamics and driver assist equipment found on newer vehicles.  During the second half of the course, students will then drive the DTS through a series of exercises while understanding the important vehicle control principals that each exercise emphasizes so that they may teach them effectively. An overview of some major key points for proper skid recovery work, such as CPR (Correct-Pause-Recover), is introduced.

Master Certification Course

This weeklong program focuses on fully familiarizing the student to the EASYDRIFT Driver Training System.  Lots of time is spent on the driving range concentrating on the student’s foot/hands/eyes coordination while covering vehicle dynamics.   Oversteer/understeer, contact patch, weight transfer, threshold/trail braking, apexing, CPR, eye targeting, ABS, ESC, and more are discussed and experienced throughout the course.  We constantly work on smoothness and accuracy.  Our goal is to highly increase the skills of the student as a driver and instructor.  Most agencies with reduced “at fault” accidents rates are taught by Master Instructors.

Note: Upon graduation the EASYDRIFT Master Instructor will be certified to teach the EASYDRIFT Basic Certification Course.