The Easydrift DTS has given us the ability to teach skid recognition, control & recovery without the need of skid pad…we’re able to focus on proper foot, hand & eye coordination allowing the students to progress to much higher standards for the remainder of the program. This is a very effective & integral part of our training agenda.
We have found the safety and versatility of EasyDrift Driver Training System to be indispensable in our training programs.
The versatility and low operating cost of the DTS skid rings has allowed Thomasville Police to create driving scenarios beneficial to its need thereby assisting in reducing at a fault accident by 50%, just in the two years we have been training on the equipment.
We have already trained 1600 deputies, and in my 8 years as an instructor this is the first time we have received 100% positive evaluations on any training… the equipment allows us to do skid and vehicle dynamic work at low and safe speed.